Best Buys Guide

Best Buys and Bargains in Paris

(Yes, they do exist!)

A Shopping Guide
to the City of Light

By Jeanne Feldman

Packed with insider information, Best Buys and Bargains in Paris shows you where to buy the best for less. Discover how to save time and money, what “shopping etiquette” will get you the best service and where the French themselves go to shop. Jeanne Feldman makes shopping both fun and economical in this easy to use guide.

“Paris is not only an expensive city, but shopping is different here. You really do need to know about ‘shopping etiquette’ in order to get good service. And, the best stores are often hidden in outlying neighborhoods. Fortunately, if you know where to go and how to act, best buys and bargains can be found, and sales people will be helpful. I’d like to pass along what I’ve learned to you.”